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Malaysia is the melting pot of people from a variety of ethnic groups, making it rich in culture and tradition—and that, in turn, sets us worlds apart in the international food scene. We, Malaysians are lucky and blessed to experience firsthand how our culinary scene in the country boomed over the last decade and gave birth to a vast selection of vibrant delicacies with the marriage of both oriental and western cuisines.

With social media at our fingertips, we are much more informed of what comes into play in the process of meals served in front of us—be it a chic kitchen appliances, traditional cast-iron cookware or fancy cooking gadgets with a contemporary flair. However, when we try to recreate those yummilicious meals at home, we realized that it is a challenge finding a satisfying local cookware brand.

First, product is value worth the price and pretty heavy. Second, delivery is super fast. Order yesterday morning and receive today evening. Third, packaging is secure. Forth, the instruction on how to take care cast iron skillet. I have no complain so far. Maybe can comment more after test use.

Azlina Johari
Overall Performance is great!

Very fast delivery & skillets are in great packaging. I just finished seasoning them (6 coats of layer!!) and I really love how it turned out. The price is affordable and the quality is really good. Overall, I'm really satisfied with my purchased!

Farah H.
6 coating layers!

Great but real coarse. It's a great entry level 12 inch skillet - however it's very coarse, even more so than a Lodge one in my opinion, and I will probably sand it down myself later down the road. There's pebbly and then there's this with what almost feels like mountains. Otherwise, it came perfectly formed with no defects, I seasoned it via the SeriousEats method and made breakfast on it to test it - with good initial seasoning it didn't let anything stick but would not release the fond when deglazing, hence my beginning comment. I would get another and maybe the grill version as well, but my caveat stands.

Tarrant K.
Great but real coarse

My first set of Cast Iron. Yes , much more steps for maintaining and taking care of it comparing to the usual pans. But its worth the effort for a healthier meal. Still at a very early stage of using and getting use to it . So far so good ! Even bought another set as a gift to my friends !

Alicia W.
Worth every drop of sweat!

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We at Grater are on a mission to become the leading experts in providing premium yet affordable kitchen and dining products.

Our team always trying out different cookwares to test for the functionality and durability. It’s just as important to choose cookware which is free from toxic materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating. Grater is on the mission to make sure our customers are not bringing toxic chemicals into their home or serving their families for dinner.

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