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Honestly Low Price! We believe that cast iron cookwares doesn't need to be expensive here! We aim to cut down all unnecessary middleman and marketing costs, including retail shop rental. Yes! We are fully operating on e-commerce basis only.

We invest our time and effort heavily in sourcing the quality materials and manufacturers for our products to ensure that our customers can enjoy using it for years and years.

We are offering free shipping within West Malaysia for orders above RM100 to ease customers' burden. Valid until further notice.

Free Shipping

No product is guaranteed good but we do offer 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects. Activate your warranty by joining our Facebook group now! The group can be found on our Facebook page.

1 Year Warranty

Cast iron cookware is one of the safest cookware options out there because it doesn't contain any coating or harmful chemicals that could leach into food. Please refer our blogs on "How to cook with Cast Iron" to understand what not cook in a cast iron cookware,

Chemical Free Cookware

By reducing all the fancy & luxury packaging to further cut down the cost and invest every cent into improving product quality. What's more? it helps to reduce waste & keep our environment green!

Humble Packaging

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We at Grater are on a mission to become the leading experts in providing premium yet affordable kitchen and dining products.

Our team always trying out different cookwares to test for the functionality and durability. It’s just as important to choose cookware which is free from toxic materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating. Grater is on the mission to make sure our customers are not bringing toxic chemicals into their home or serving their families for dinner.

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